The Stratics IRC Network Terms Of Service

POSTED: Feb 23, 2009
Updated: Feb 28, 2009
Reviewed: Aug 1, 2011

Unacceptable Content:

Stratics IRC is a chat network dedicated to the Online Gaming community at-large and related content. Channels, nicks and other content related to Online Gaming are generally acceptable.
The following are not acceptable on this network:

  • Pornography or adult material
  • WAREZ (illegal copyrighted material)
  • MP3/VCD (illegal copyrighted material)
  • Torrent Listings
  • ISOs (illegal copyrighted material)
  • Game Cheats/Hacks/Exploits
  • Racism and/or Hate Speech of any kind
  • File Server Channels or File Server Bots
Please see this link for more information on Copyrighted Material.

NOTE: This includes channels that are sponsored by or related to websites that condone or distribute the items listed above.

General Conduct While On The Network:

We ask that you please observe the following rules of conduct while on the network:

  • 1. Do not harass users or network staff.
  • 2. Treat other users and network staff with respect.
  • 3. Do not perform channel/server/user floods, takeover attempts, or any action that may disrupt the network.
  • 4. Do not subject others (either persons or channels) to unwanted or excessive spam/advertisements, or inappropriate/harmful URLs.
  • 5. Do not transfer illegal software (viruses, zombies, trojans, pirated software, etc.) via the network.
  • 6. Do not run file server bots or any malicious bots.

If you have a problem with another user or a staff member, please take your problem or concern to #IRC-Help and ask for assistance.


Nicknames can be registered/reserved on Stratics IRC
We ask that you keep them appropriate - so, please, no nicknames that:

  • Are racist
  • Are sexually-explicit
  • Contain any religious references or political names
  • Contain profanity
  • Belittle or harass others

General Channel Policies:

Please do not create channels that:

  • 1. Compete in name or content with any of our Moderated Channels.
  • 2. Are inappropriate in channel name or topic (if you use profanity in your topic, please make your channel secret (+s))
  • 3. Belittle or slander others (example: #bobsux)
  • 4. Use special characters to place them at the top of the channel list
  • 5. Deal with religion or politics, either in channel name or purpose/content

NOTE: Stratics IRC reserves the right to handle channels directly dedicated to particular games as it deems appropriate. Generally, channels dedicated to individual games are created as Moderated Channels and managed by the Network. Please join #irc-help and consult with staff if you have any questions.

Please try to keep channels as related to Online Gaming as possible.

  • 1. Guild and/or Clan channels are welcomed and encouraged on Stratics IRC and may use any channel name they wish, barring that said name does not break any of the rules.
  • 2. General discussion channels that do not compete with the Network Moderated channels are OK.

Also, please do not:
  • 1. Advertise to users or in channels without permission.
  • 2. SPAM or otherwise interrupt channels about Guild/Clan Recruitment or other Guild/Clan News/Information.
NOTE: Advertisement of any service, network, or URL may only be done in channels in which you're on the user list or with the channel owner or staff's permission. /msg and /notice advertisements directly to users (this includes mass or multiple channel /INVITEs) are forbidden. This rule applies to both private and Network Moderated channels. If you are unsure about what you plan to advertise or promote in a channel, please contact that channel's staff or join #irc-help for clarification.

Channel Policies for Moderated Channels:

Moderated Channels on Stratics IRC follow the same rules as other channels, and the following rules also apply:
Please do not:

  • 1. Use bots or auto-response/announce scripts without approval from network staff
  • 2. Use profanity or suggestive/adult oriented language
  • 3. Spam or use excessive caps
  • 4. Post inappropriate, illegal and/or harmful URLs
  • 5. Evade the channel filters or "bait" the bots
  • 6. Use offensive or disruptive NickNames, you will get kicked/banned without notice
And we also ask that you refrain from discussing politics or religion unless its directly related to that particular game.

Stratics IRC has a non-interference policy with channels not run or moderated by our staff. However, we have a low tolerance for people that abuse the use of this network and its related services. Causing trouble in public or private channels can result in a ban from the entire network - both for you and potentially for your entire ISP. If you wish to use this IRC network, you agree to the above rules and policies, and any others that may be posted on this website. Any ambiguity or vagueness of these guidelines and policies will be interpreted by the network staff to the best of their ability. If you do not agree with any policy or rule - please disconnect yourself and find another network that better suits your needs!

Dealing with Copyrighted Material

The Stratics IRC network does not support, condone, endorse or tolerate any form of copyright infringement. The Stratics IRC network is based in the United States and is bound by all applicable copyright laws of that country. These laws and provisions are included and outlined in the United States Code (U.S.C.) Chapter 17 and the laws and provisions outlined in the Berne Convention (covers international copyright laws).
Stratics IRC will swiftly and harshly act upon issues regarding the abuse of copyright and other intellectual property laws. Our staff will not tolerate users who reproduce and/or distribute copyrighted materials or links to these materials, via the Stratics IRC network. Users risk being banned and channels closed if they get involved in this type of activity while using the Stratics IRC network.
Do not use the Stratics IRC network as a means to distribute, store or otherwise illegally deal with copyrighted material. We appreciate the fact that there are what some would consider 'grey areas' in dealing with this topic, but in today's digital society we all have the responsibility to watch for and protect against these forms of illegal activities. Report any abuse of copyrighted materials to Network Staff or in #irc-help so it can be dealt with quickly and fairly.

Proxy Scanning

Connecting to Stratics IRC Network will subject you to a legal, open Proxy scan.
Pursuant to United States Code (U.S.C.), Title 18, Part 1, Section 2701 Part(c) - we reserve the right to scan your system to ensure that your connection does not provide a network or security risk to us, our servers, or our users.
All users connecting on unsecured proxy hosts shall be banned from the network.
Please see this page: Proxy Scanner Info for more information.

Stratics IRC Legal Information

Posted: Feb 23, 2009

You agree upon connecting that you, the user, are responsible for your own actions while on this network. Please, protect yourself from other users through the use of firewalls and other products that discourage viruses and trojans. Do not accept files or scripts from any users unless you are absolutely sure they are safe. Stratics IRC is not responsible for the actions of ANY users on this network. If you have questions, please contact or ask in #IRC-Help for clarification.

The Stratics IRC Network provides its services "as-is" with no warranties expressed or implied. We reserve the right to change system policies at anytime and also reserve the right to allow or disallow anyone from the IRC network for any reason, at any time.

Stratics IRC is a privately-owned IRC network, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. Usage of our network indicates agreement with the rules of the Stratics IRC Network. Our policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

This document, in its entirety, is © Stratics IRC Network / Stratics, Inc. 1998-2010 All rights reserved.
Please do not reproduce or distribute this document by any means without prior written approval.

The Stratics IRC Network is a 100% volunteer network.